6x6 Deuce and a half off road camper with 1 1/2 ton trailer

3806 higley street
Las Vegas, NV 89103
United States

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M35A3 military truck (Deuce and a half) and M-105 1 1/2 ton 2-Wheel Cargo Trailer
for sale $28,500

Year - Truck 1999/ Trailer 1968

Miles- 31,000 ( so just broken in)
Motor- A3 vehicles have a Caterpillar 3116 Diesel engine and had their manual transmissions replaced with automatic ones, as well as receiving numerous other improvements with a redesigned frontal appearance...This is NOT the multi fuel motor.
Power steering

Brakes- Brake system is air-assisted-hydraulic six wheel drum brakes with a driveline parking brake, although gladhands exist on the rear of the vehicle for connection to trailers with full air service and emergency brakes. Braking performance of the truck is similar to other power drum brake vehicles of this size. Each drum was designed with maximum efficiency in mind, and individual drums can dissipate up to 12 kilowatts (16 hp) of braking heat. Due to this brake system and GVWR under 26,001 pounds (11,794 kg), the big deuce can be driven without a commercial driver's license in most states.

Electrical- The electrical system is 24 volt, using two 12 volt 6TL-series military grade batteries run in series. I also bought a 24volt down to 12 volt for Regular trailers…

Tires- Replaced 7 each tires, 2 years ago with bigger Michelin x, 395/85 R20 XZL+ (spare kept in trailer)

Zero rust!
Air compressor and CTIS Control system to inflate and deflate tires from cab
Camper sleeps 2 1/2
300 watt solar panel array with 1500 watt Inverter and charge controller
2 each 6 volt deep cell batteries
Small 3 watt wind turbine
3 burner stove
Small fridge
Storage space

Added a hitch and wiring harness for smaller trailers
Added steel/aluminum diamond plate shade structure for Summer

20 gallon water tank with gravity fed spigots
Small wooden shade structure
Added steel Job-ox on front of trailer
2 each, 20 ton tow straps
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