1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Mcdonough, GA
United States

Quantity Available

1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. 4WD with Automatic. 103655 miles. Local GA owned Since 2006 (No Records Prior). $40000 Spent in the Last 10 Years. Nice Example that is in Good Overall Condition. New Rebuilt Engine, New Rebuilt Transmission, Rare MSD Option that is Intact, New Fuel Injection Set-Up that Mimics the Carb/Air Cleaner Set-Up for that Original Look but Fuel Injection for Better Gas Mileage and Reliability. New Starter. New Alternator. Plugs/Wires. Rebuilt Rear End. New Shocks and All Suspension Bushings/Components. New Tires. New Wood Side Trim and Panels. New Paint (7 Years Old). Needs work on some interior pieces. Maybe new carpets. Headliner is sagging. Dash is Lifting from the Sun. Drips a little oil. But, it is 100% Reliable. I have let this Wagoneer sit for 2 weeks and it starts right up. Oh, Brand New Updated A/C System that blows ice cold. All the gauges work. All of the windows work, including the back glass. I am selling this Wagoneer on consignment and will make about $400, so don't ask me to crawl underneath and take 600 pictures. I'm 52 years old and can't get back up sometimes. If you are truly interested, please come take a look or send someone to look on your behalf. Thanks! Brian G
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