2008 Jeep JK juggy

Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901
United States

Category  Off Road Vehicles > Jeep > JK

Listed is a 2008 JK juggy on tons and stickies.

No, it doesn’t have AC….

But it does have a ford kingpin front axle with RCV 300m shafts and full PSC hydro.

No, you can’t put a top on it.

But it does have just broke in SX stickies and race line beadlocks.

14 bolt rear w/Yukon moly shafts.

Fox coilovers.

Prp seats and harness.

Custom aluminum dash.

Make your ears bleed sound system.

MFF custom cage.

Basically everything you would expect in a trail rig.

Does it have a ratty shade tree LS swap? Nope, doesn’t have that either.

Power train is all stock including the sport transfer case.

3.8, 42rle auto, 2:7:1 sport case. All just serviced. All suspension joints just replaced or rebuilt.
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