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No, Ford never made a Raptor Superduty, but that doesn't mean you can't build your own iteration! Do you want to build your own Ford Raptor Superduty? We are building complete kits for the project or you can pick what you want. All of the items listed below were utilized in our own Raptor Superduty build as featured in numerous magazines and showcased at many events, including SEMA, all over the country.

Overall, the main objective for this project was, and continues to be, building a truck that can do everything, and do it well. While the 40" tires may limit its potential for breaking into the 10's at the 1/4 mile, its still no slouch and has plenty of snort to impress any would-be stoplight racer. But overall, its build is centered around how most of us use our trucks. This truck can easily be (and is) a daily commuter, tow vehicle work horse, off road adventurist, and show vehicle. Many believe that a truck has to be single faceted and has to be only built specifically for one intended purpose. On the contrary, we build and showcase trucks that can do basically anything, and do it in style and comfort.

The Raptor SD current mileage is 93917 currently. This truck has lived it's life in the PNW. The roads get chemicals in the winters and it shows on the bumpers. They are factory bumpers that have been powdercoated. We will gladly help with any aftermarket bumper needs. There are a lot or high quality parts on the truck and it works flawlessly. Realistic offers will be entertained.

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Power Products Unlimited
Cooper Rasmussen
5204 E Broadway Ave
Spokane WA 99212
United States
Power Products Unlimted Inc. is proudly located in Spokane, WA and is the parent company for Diesel Power Products, Offroad Power Products, and Fuel Bomb Diesel Additives. We are a growing automotive supplier in both the on and off-road market.

Originally founded in 1999 as Diesel Power Products, the original division of Power Products Unlimited, began its roots in the diesel performance industry by offering a select line of air improvement products and have grown to now offer you thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers all based upon the original core principles we were founded on, quality. In 2010, we realized the need to expand fully into the offroad market. For years, we were offering high-grade suspension components and kits for light duty diesels on our Diesel Power Products website, but most of those manufacturers also offered numerous parts for other applications. And because of this, Offroad Power Products was born! Since this time, we have sought out the best and brightest companies in the offroad market to ensure we are able to offer you nothing but the highest quality parts available.

We pride ourselves in having constant, direct communication with the manufacturers whose products we represent in order to ensure you receive parts we would feel confident installing on our own vehicles, and in many cases, already have. By having these types of great, personal relationships with our suppliers, we are able to be at the forefront of new and upcoming products, as well as offering you the absolute best customer service in the industry.

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