2021 F450 Overland Platform with Custom Aluminum Flatbed

Power Products Unlimited
5204 E Broadway Ave
Spokane, WA 99212
United States

Quantity Available

This truck was a lot of fun to build. We wanted something that could tow whatever we wanted without question as well as be capable enough to recover whatever needed recovering. I have attached a link to the full build that lists all the parts. What won't be listed there is the amount of time it took to design and build the flatbed. It utilizes a newer extrusion that Mac's Tie Downs had been developing and incorporates almost a 1000 different tie down points. If you are looking for a vehicle to tow with or slap a custom flatbed camper on. This is the one. The Gooseneck trailer is also available with the truck. It was custom built to fit the extra height of the truck. It comes with hydraulic landing gear and a full hydraulic dove tail capable of lifting up to 6000 lbs. Price with the trailer is $185,000 price without is $165,000. 13,664 miles.


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