Banded 4400 Jimmys Ultra4 Racecar

Fresno, CA
United States

$50,000.00 (Or Best Offer)

Ironblock 6.0 built to 408 with cam and race parts. Fast lsx 102 intake with wide mouth throttlebody. CBR big oil cooler and radiator. All spal fans.
Mechman 240 alternator with dual yellow tops.
Dual UMP filter housings with K&N conversion. dual 4” roofheight clean air intake.

PSC XR series ram and full pressure pump both fresh from PSC before KOH. Trophytruck in line steering bypass and 3.2 turn orbital small 2 fan CBR cooler.

Built TH400 in Ried case with lubed centersection and 300m parts. (Moderate build). Big CBR trans cooler. Atlas racecase 2 speed. New double cardan JE Reel race divelines at KOH (1700.00).

Front and rear spidertrax housings ultimate unitbearimgs 6 on 5.5 5/8 stud trophytruck pattern.

Front is Gearworks 9 5.83 on Gearworks billet Detroit and 35 spline 300m shafts with CTM superjoints. 6 piston wilwood with heattreated spidertrax rotors.

Rear is Gearworks 9 5.83 on spool and 40 spline 300m shafts with 4 piston wilwood calipers.

Rear trailing arm all heat treated links. Rear 3.0 5 tube bypass front 2.5 4 tube (I think) 2.5 coilovers all around and 2.0 bumps. All radflo.

Fully redundant areomotive a1000 fuel system. 2 pumps 2 pre filter 2 post filters, segregated with check valves. 32 gallon custom ATL fuel cell.
Remote oil filter and accumulator.

Twisted stitch seats, impact belts and good nets and tool bags.

Racepak digital dash for codriver with all temps. System alarms and is fully programmable. New Lowrance navigation and Rugged race intercoms with 60 watt radio. Tons of stuff, ready to race.

Full KC lights, warn 9.0 competition winch. Pro-eagle jack.

Includes 5 tires on the car. Total of 10 additional, new never mounted tires. 110w kenwood pit radio. Dump cans, pit equipment, helmets, head and neck restraint, crew firesuits, fire extinguishers, spare parts. Full race program.
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