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Edwards, CO 81632
United States

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One of the most extraordinary Gladiators built for off-roading and overlanding. Go to Youtube to look up the 18 minute video made by the builder Lyft Offroad in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. There are other videos online as well. Built in 2023 to complement a 2021 JL and 2013 JK. First trial was in Moab. Easily climbed Frenchies Fin and all the other steeps with ease. Then two days running Steel Bender and Hells Revenge during Easter Jeep Safari. Climbed right up Hells Gate. Easily went down the Fall in Steel Bender. Then running trails in Sand Hollow...with ease. Back to Moab in June for more easy challenges. Hells Revenge again. Metal Masher (not Widow Maker!!!). And, Top of the World.

Amazing 42" Nitto, Fusion 60/60 axles, and EVO suspension can do virtually anything. Highway driving is smooth as silk. One finger steering with the PSC hydraulic assist steering with cooling box. Tracking is right on; no wander whatsoever.

Custom seats by PRP both fabric and leather are classy. Headliner is like a carpeted ceiling. Keep the seats or remove them and use the Cargo Dog storage system to create lots of rear seat space for offroading, etc. Spare sits on the bed, strapped down, and very stable. Or, as we have done for a good while, save some weight and leave the 200# tire and wheel at home. Amazing proven Gluetread sidewall repair kit can even take care of sidewall punctures.

Air up and down with Rock to Road. App controlled automatic inflate and deflate after hooking up the hoses. Adjustable shocks on the front (clickers). Coilover suspension with heavy duty springs.

Lots of storage with (4) 95L Roam cases on the roof and an 8 1/2' extendable ladder as well as a 3' step ladder both secured to the inside of the bed rack with "strachets."

Why in the world would I want to sell this four months after getting it? Long story. Colossus (named by Shawn Sullivan Lyft Offroad-okay to call for reference 970-456-5226-other references available too) was at first made for rock crawling. Then included were features and mods for offroading and camping. After not camping for 40 years since being with the Eskimos on Baffin Island in Canada, roof top tent camping was not for us. So, we got into trailers. Picked up the Airstream in Denver. And up Floyd Hill (if you know I-70 in Denver) at 35mph. That was not going to work. 42" tires reduces Gross weight by 30%!!! Needed a bigger truck. A Denali it is. And a bigger camper with the bigger truck. No more overlanding in the Gladiator and we have another 2021 JL and 2013 JK for the tough rock crawling (Holy Cross, Chinaman Gulch...). Other members of the Vail Valley Jeep Club (check VVJC online) said you don't need the Gladiator. And, my wife said that if I was going to buy a Denali something had to go... That's the story.

2023 Gladiator Rubicon 4x4 (JTJS98) $68,230

Customer preferred package 26R
3.0L V Turbo Diesel 8-Speed Auto 8HP75
Silver Zenity Clear Coat
Leather Trimmed bucket seats
MOPAR Grab Handle Kit
Auxillary Switch Group
Advanced Safety Group
LED Lighting Group
Cold Weather Group
Trailer Tow Package
Black 3-Piece Hard Top
Destination Fees

42” Nitto #374160 $4,245
KMC Grenade 20” Beadlocks #T163H170-8-H65-S2 $3,150
PRP Custom Seat Covers $1,100

Spring modifications 8@$250 COST REMOVED 11/16
AGM Products Coil Spring Isolators and Spacers AGM-KSA-2500 $ 480
(4) Roam 95L Cases $1,600
(4) sets of Roam Mount for roof racks $ 925
Molle panel for Roam case (one only) $ 150
PSC Cylinder Assist EHPS Steering kit for 18-2023 JL/JT w/
aftermarket Front Axle 8.0” Lock-to-Lock and 2.0” Tie Rod Clamp $2,500
EVO w/Front Long Arm 2/clickers #EVO-254BA-FTDP $10,411
King Front Bump Stop #EVO-6000081K $ 600
King Rear Bump Stop #EVO-600179K $1,037
Fusion 60/60 w/EVO SPEC w/5.13 E Locker and 2.5 Ton Steer Kit
#FUS-KPFF60-JT $18,000
Fox Racing 2.0 Bump Stop Canister for performance series threaded
body air bump stops (pair) $ 70
GenRight custom front bumper #CUSTOM $1,450
GenRight Rear bumper w/step and rash guards #RBB11220 $1,650
EVO Bomber Sliders #EVO-3071 $1,350
FabTech Fenders Front #FTS24212 $. 780
Artec Liners #JL5110 $. 300
Artec Inner Liners JL5119 $. 469
Motobilt Washer Relocate #MBS5056 $. 220
Lug Nuts 9/16” $. 75
(2) Z Automotive Locker Controller w/Ext. $. 388
Z Automotive Tazer Mini $. 299
Z Automotive SGW Extention Cable $. 29
Banks Derringer w/Throttle #66797 $1,087
Banks #63341 $. 48
ARB Dual Air Compressor #CKMTA12 $. 619
ARB accessory Kit $. 59
Wire Hardware $. 50
Decked System #MJ1 $1,450
Sevens Gear Mount $. 60
Gate Keeper Knuckle Mount #KPD60STD-GK $. 100
(6) 2” Solistice Solo #9888170 $. 714
(2) 1.7” Mini Solor #9113531 $. 190
Pro Pod #9136127 $. 50
Light Cannon 4.5” #9151069 $. 539
(4) Combo Covers #9896632 $. 96
Rock Lights #9929415 $. 230
SwitchPro #SP9100 $. 600
JT Mount $. 85
Artec Aluminum Skids #JT4130 $2,999
MBRP Exhaust #S6502409 $. 190
Antirock Front Sway Bar Kit #RJ-246100-103 $. 624
Modification of Stock Sway bar bracket attached to frame (due to weight) COST REMOVED 11/16
Antirock Rear Sway #RJ-256200-103 $1,459
(2)Apex swaybar link $. 450
American Adventure Labs Molle Panels #JL-1563-4 $. 114
#Doors $. 240
Rugged Radios GMRS Kit #JP1-GMR45 $. 498
Stealth Antenna #Stealth-UHF $. 35
BulletPoint Dual Phone Mount Go Pro/Phone/Tablet $. 165
Hi-Lift Jack XT485 48” Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack $. 150
Maxtrax MK11 Titanium $. 329
Mounting Pins $. 60
(2) Rotopax Diesel $. 180
(1) Rotopax Red $. 90
(1) Rotopax white $. 60
Mounts $. 100
Krazy Beaver Shovel $. 150
Mount $. 50
Ax $. 50
Mount $. 50
(2) Fire Extinguishers $. 80
Fire Extinguisher mounts $. 70
Adams 1350 Driveshaft $1,789
Warn VR12s #103255 $. 890
Factor 55 Ultrahook #00250-05 $. 280
Banks OBD splitter #63735 $. 30
Rebel Rear Step/Guard #ROE-JT-RB-B01-RBS $ 449
Apex Rapid Air Down Valves set of 5 #X02-02-003 $. 175
Factor 55 Rope Guard $. 60
Cover King Molded Headliner #SPC683 $. 399
DRT Hitch Skid $. 185
Vision X40” Unite System $4540004 Custom $1,299
Vision X Harness #9942438 $. 90
RedLine Hood Lift #21-20003-02 $. 105
Digital Air Gauge $. 45
Rock or Road Tire Inflation #JLARISYSTEM $. 919
UpTop Overland Cab Rack #UT-ALPHA-Gladiator-3 $1,800
UpTop Truss Bed Rack #UT-TRUSS-Gladiator-2 $. 975
UpTop Cap Rack #UT-ALPHA-EX-Gladiator-3 $. 749
(2) UpTop Scene Pod 2.0 UT-SCENEPOD-4 $. 390
(2) UpTop Grab handles #UT-GRBHDL-01 $. 300
UpTop Jack Mount $. 79
Teraflex DriveShaft spacer #4801000 $. 25
Teraflex Extended Kit #4834100 $. 170
(2) Baja Design Light Pack #447059 $. 668
Powertank BKT-2285-SS $. 130
Heavy rate coils $. 400
Teraflex 4831010 Unita Cargo Bed Rail System w/tie down anchors
for 20-23 Gladiator $ 295
Power Coat GenRite, etc. $. 850
Total installation $23,500
Rearview mirror rain shield $. 295
Shift Knob handles in black anodized aluminum Fury Engravers $. 335
Red Rock Tailgate Trim Panel JG15806 $. 160
(2) Colossus vinyl hood lettering $. 100
(2) Fury door hinge steps $. 300
Waterport 8 gallon rack mounted tank $. 500
Waterport shower/sink kit $. 150
8.5’ telescoping ladder $. 95
Hook Road Gladiator Tailgate cover panel $. 159
Hooke Road Console center console insert lock vault box $. 59
Camplux 5L Portable Propane Gas Tankless water heater w/backpack/hose NO CHARGE-INCLUDED
Body side graphic both sides $. 400
Oracle flush mount tail lights $. 699
Rugged Ridge Floor mats $. 229
ZRoadZ rack locks $. 149
ZRoadZ rear gate $1,499
Cargo Dog rear storage cases $1,695
Car Cover $. 295
Bottle Jack Recovery kit with 6 Ton bottle Jack $. 340
Decked Truck Bed Storage System for Jeep Gladiator LISTED TWICE 11/16
Decked divider $. 30
(2) Decked cases $. 100
(2) Rear Seat tactical storage with molle bags $. 150
JDMTOY no drill required 3” bumper guard tube mount license plate holder $. 22
Recovery gear including snatch block/shackles/straps/etc $. 359
(2) Monster Hooks MH-SW1A Aluminum $. 398
(2) 5# Propane Tanks
Trailer Brake Controller NO CHARGE 11/16
Probably left some other stuff out?

Original build included iKamper roof top tent, Exoshell awning, and associated camping (glamping) items. All have been removed.

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