GenRight JKU build in the Money Pit Garage

Mark Fechner
2015 JKU with 15k miles. 
2015 JKU
Super clean used Jeep
Ready to take this thing apart
Pulling the body off
Removing the drivetrain
Chassis completely disassembled
All factory brackets removed and cleaned up
GenRight Elite track bar mount and bump stop tacked in place
All GenRight Elite brackets and mounts installed and ready for final welding
Final welding under side of rear shock towers
Final welding of inside cross member 
Under side of rear cross member after final welding
Custom trans mount for manual transmission
Frame side mount for transfer case tail housing brace
Passenger side of trans mount
Front cross member with trans and transfer case mounts ready for powder coat
After lots of cleaning of all of the weld areas the frame gets a ride to powder coat
GenRight JKU body ready for tear downJKU body for tear down.
Top, doors and interior removedTop, doors and interior removed
Ready for GenRight Roll CageInterior almost ready for GenRight Cage install
Time to cut the stock cage out
Factory cage removedFactory cage cut away from the tub and removed
GenRight cage install beginsGenRight cage install begins with some dash trimming and the A pillar stanchions and dash bar installation
GenRight Cage B-Pillar base mount insatlledGenright Cage B-Pillar mounts installed
Gneright Cage C-Pillar mount installedC-Pillar mounts installed
D-Pillar mounts installedD-Pillar mounts installed
A few hours later the cage is tacked in placeA few hours later the cage is all tacked up
New Half doors installed and adjustedNew half doors installed and adjusted
B-Pillar delete KitOne of my favorite GenRight modifications! B-Pillar delete!
B-Pillar delete KitThis B-Pillar didnt have a chance against cutoff wheel and a Sawsall
B-Pillar delete KitB-Pillar lower cap TIG welded in place
B-Pillar delete KitAfter the upper cap was welded and they were both sanded to perfection they mate up great. I filled the corner of the drivers door for a cleaner look.
B-Pillar delete KitA closer look
B-Pillar delete KitThe top has a pinch clamp to hold it in place
B-Pillar delete KitAnd there it is all finished and ready for paint
Chassis back from powder coatChassis back from powder coat. Satin black looks great!
Engine and trans going back inEngine and trans going back in
Custom Tarns bracket fits perfect! Custom trans bracket fits perfect!
Front bumper installedGenRight Ultra Clearance front bumper and winch installed.
Steering box set in placePSC steering box bolted in place
Power steering pump changed outStock power steering pump removed and the new PSC pump installed
Charcoal canister relocatedCharcoal canister relocated
Brake lines runNew Stainless Steel brake lines
Sway bar mounts and bar installed
Rash Guards installed
Rear Bumper Side and Center Rash Guards installed. Its amazing how good these fit the bumper 
dynatrac Axles are hereDynaTrac Front ProRock XD60 and Rear ProRock 80 Axles are in the Pit
ProRock brackets are welded onFront Lower Link mounts from the GenRight Elite Kit welded in place
Trac Bar and lower link mount ready for paintTrac bar and lower link mount ready for paint
Looking from the front
A coat of etching primer and a few coats of Hammered Silver 
Ready for install

Some stainless steel brake lines running to stainless steel bulkhead fittings
All set in place. Linked, shocked and strapped.
From the back 
From the top looking down. Check out those beautiful Summit Machine Aluminum Links
Front brake lines done
Front axle under the Jeep and ready for a trac bar and steering 
I used the stock exhaust system to build the new system
All TIG welded
New Stainless steel muffler and stock tail pipe
I trimmed the tail pipe just above the rear cross member
Stainless steel isolation brackets will keep the system quiet
Installed a York crankshaft driven air compressor
PSC power steering cooler install on the back of the GenRight winch Tray
This fuel pump access panel is supplied with the GenRight aluminum fuel tank
Rear shock tower holes cut into the body
Body install time!
The Elite Suspension kit is not designed for a manual trans or a 4 speed Atlas. This Jeep has both so some floor mods are in order
I bent up some 18g steel, welded it into place and then covered it with some heat/sound blanket material
The modification will be completely under the drivers seat
Next I pre-installed to GenRight corner guards. Dimpling the body keeps the corner guard tight to the body
These corner guards fit great and also upgrade those boxy stock tail light to recessed LED tail light
I installed the Genright aluminum fenders to check clearances under articulation. The Elite suspension is engineered for max 42" tall tires and our customer wanted 43" stickies so we trimmed the body in a few spots and limited the rear shocks about 1/2" to help keep the fender and tire from rubbing
The front clears great. A little trim on the body, grille and bumper does the trick
This kit is incredible!
 Yep! Sticky!
 Break out the cut off wheel and lets go!
 Done! I also installed a set of Baja Designs off road lights
 These mirror recesses in the factory half doors must go
 Almost ready for paint!
J E Reel drive lines front and rear. Only the best for this build!
Before I pull the cage for final welding and powder coat I tacked in these GenRight Cage Tie in brackets
Hydro assist lines run down the trac bar with strain reliefs
Next I remove the cage for final welding and powder coat
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