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Multi-Function: Our roof tent top with high quality 100% whole Aluminum-magnesium alloy materials for walls and frame, UV-assistant double sided RV windows allow upward breezes to flow through, Large side window provides ample ventilation. Free mattress, LED lights, car top tent beds could provide 3-4 people hiking and camping service very well,reserved interface to adapt to varIous compoments like solar panel, car canopy or side tent, luggage rack, travel water tank, tent shower room, water shower, air conditioning, heater, etc.

Foldable, Electric Auto Opening/Closing and Pop Up Design: patented whole boards folding technology, this electric car tent roof top can be opened or closed automatically by a remote controller,Use the top tent to sleep 3-4 people for camping, or as a dressing room, or as a place to store your gear.

Dual Channels In and Out: you can go up and down through the sunroof entrance which is safe and reliable, in addition, the large rear window can be used to go up and down by a telescopic ladder.

Waterproof and Integrated Designs: This top cabin is fully waterproof and ensures that you stay dry, very intelligent multi-function camping module for option, if you add it, you can attached shower tent, side tent, water tan, water heating rod, shower, etc. to it very simply as the 2nd video showed you in this listing.

Quick & Easy Assemble, Supports both manual or auto lifting: you can manual lift it or auto lift it by a remorte controller; car tent roof top for camping allows you to install them with zero modification,one-key auto opening/closing or by hand. any adult can easy set up it in one minute.

3 Windows, Air Ventilation and Lighting : with white led lighting and 3 windows design, the side large windows can be opened outwards to block rain and ventilation.

RV Window: 870*500MM super large window, ultra-thin and lightweight hollow glass, heat insulated and UV protection, exclusive patented technology.

Waterproof and Heat Insulation :Patented doubl-layer waterproof and hea insulated design.

Bluetooth Speaker and 12v socket, USB Charging ports: including bluetooth speaker and 12v socket, dual USB charging ports inside of the tent; multimeida player with 10 inch LCD monitor for option

Security Guard: Space aluminum alloy frame, waterproof, heat-insulated aluminum alloy boards, windproof and heat insulation, too stable folding shape, not afraid of strong winds and heavy rain

Anti-mosquito Curtain and SunShading: Equipped with special anti-mosquito blackout curtains to keep away from mosquito harassment at night and block sunlight during the day

Multi-purpose Camping Platform, High Power Portable Solar Energy or Solar Panel for Option: Expandable 600W solar panel for option, based on the roof top tent SR-u intelligent platform design, scientific layout, reserved interface, can be easily adapted to various surrounding components like multimedia player, USB charging ports, 12v charging ports; car canopy/side tent/luggage rack/travel water tank/shower room/leisure platform/air conditioning/water heating system/warm heating system/solar energy/top searchlight, HD monitoring system, etc.

Small, Ultra-thin design and Lightweight: ultra-thin design, lightweight design and similar to a normal fabric rooftop tent, the total height is only 13.6cm after closing, the width is less than 1.3 meter, which is suitable for most household car or can entry all kinds of underground garages.

More Functions: with air conditioning holes(100mm holes); With ventilation fan (40mm holes), Optional intergrated solar energy system, telescopic ladder, etc.

There are 3 versions with including different configurations, inquiry for more details and more accurate price.
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