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Porter Mid--Engine Truck

Mesa, AZ
United States


This truck just finished a full bare chassis prep, including sandblasting and painting the chassis and suspension components with Steel-it. Truck is currently setup with a non-sealed LS3 with James Lin tune, and Geiser front drive assembly. Mark Newhan modified front suspension, new heims and uniballs all around, freshly rebuilt Fox shocks (4.0 Bypass in front, 4.4 in rear) and bumpstops front and rear, all fresh Howe steering components, fresh Culhane TH400, CBR radiator and coolers, comes with two Casale v-drives (1.22 & 1.17 ratios), Gearworks 5.29 3rd member, Blitzkrieg hubs front and rear, Jamar calipers, Brembo masters, Pro-Wire wiring harness, BFG 40” KR3 tires on Method wheels. Spare axles, drive shaft, tie rods included.
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