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Jocelyn Fechner, Staff Writer

Raceline Custom Off-Road Wheels


Rocksanne is a really capable car. I mean, with 49s bolted up to Rockwells, a Hemi that puts out 450 HP, and rear-steering that eats up even the tightest spots for lunch, this car will pretty much do anything asked of it. But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?), the car did have a weak spot: because she’s heavy, slow, stressed maneuvers sometimes meant that the inside bead would blow. Not a good feature, especially in what some people might call sketchy conditions.


In fact, once up on the right-hand line of Chocolate Thunder out in Johnson Valley, home to King of the Hammers, the inside bead blew on the rear driver’s tire leaving the car teetering uncomfortably. Some quick thinking and no small amount of sweat, and everything worked out just fine. It’s just not a situation you want to find yourself in very often. So double beadlocks seemed like a good idea to prevent any further, shall we say, inconveniences.


Maybe you’re wondering why double beadlock wheels, with the bead lock-ringed on both the exterior and the interior, are necessary. I mean, if a car’s got a set of beadlocks, aren’t double beadlocks overkill? Well, maybe for some off-road cars, double beadlocks aren’t essential. Certainly, there are cars racing across the desert daily whose wheels are only single bead locked, and they aren’t having any trouble. But with more and more rock crawlers bolting up larger wheels and tires to heavy-duty axles like the military Rockwells and AxleTechs, double bead-locks are almost a must. When you add weight and stress (think twisted and flexed) to a car in an already demanding situation (canyons with rocks the size of your girlfriend’s car), the additional security is appreciated.


But have you shopped for aluminum 10 X 20 double beadlocks lately? They’re rare creatures, to be sure! So I was really lucky to meet up with Greg Mulkey from Raceline Wheels, who told me that even though he doesn’t stock those wheels, he’d custom fabricate a set for Rocksanne. And as much as I’d like to think it’s just because he loves the car so much, it’s really that Raceline will perform this level of service for anyone with the need.

 Raceline 20x10 Double Beadlock with Rockwell center hub and 6 on 8.75 lug pattern.

Raceline created a gorgeous 10 X 20 double beadlock wheel – the first in their line—and they turned out spectacularly! The welded in, CNC machined, billet aluminum, inch-and-a-half thick center section is built for the 6 lug Rockwell bolt pattern, but Raceline can adjust to any bolt pattern, including the AxleTech 10 lugs. The backspacing is also completely custom.

Raceline 20x10 Double Beadlock wheel with AxleTech center hub and lug pattern
This set was custom built for Gotomoab Garage and will be use on a 5 seat rock buggy custom built for Epic 4X4 Adventures

The barrel of the wheels is forged aluminum; the magic of forging (the metallurgical recrystallization and refinement of the grain) results in increased strength and reliability. Not only are these wheels more capable (holding a bead is super cool), but they’re tougher and safer, handling speed, stress, and impact better than the alternatives.


The actual lock rings are machined from 5/8” billet aluminum, and the bolts are completely recessed—no more scraping off bolt heads when squeezing through tight obstacles.
 The deep tire well allows the tire to drop in easy. Take note of the lock rings on both sides!

Rocksanne’s new wheels came in brilliant blue, but Raceline will fabricate these wheels in any finish you like, from all natural to a whole rainbow of powdercoat colors. Once you realize the benefits of these Raceline custom double beadlock wheels, the hardest part of deciding to make the purchase just might be figuring out the right color for your rig.

 The attention to detail is second to none!

No matter what you decide, though, you’re sure to love what you get—Rocksanne has been out testing these new wheels and hasn’t blown a bead once! It sure feels good knowing we can trust the performance of the car and our safety to Raceline Wheels’ custom double beadlocks!

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