Rear Bumper, Steering Box, Fuel Tank, Fuel Lines and Brake Lines

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Rear Bumper, Fuel Tank, Steering Box and Lines

We are using the GenRight Off Road rear bumper with tow points for our LJ. It’s not really a bumper but just a laser cut and CNC bent piece of 1/4” cold rolled steel with 2 tow attachment points perfectly welded to it. The bumper kit also includes some cool gusseted braces that tie into the frame on the sides so the bumper is not solely depending on the rear cross member for its strength. We used all the supplied hardware to install if after a coat of primer and paint dried over night.


Fuel Tank

We selected a 23 gallon GenRight gas tank for our build. The GenRight tanks are beautiful in every way. The aluminum welding is second to none. This tank is baffled inside to add strength and to keep the fuel from moving side to side to quickly. It also has rollover valves in the fill and vent to keep the fuel from spilling out when you tip on your side or top. The stock LJ pump and sending unit fit perfect and seal with the stock o-ring. The fuel pump and sending unit clamps down with a very nice billet aluminum ring that is welded to the tank. The included skid plate is powder coated to perfection. The install consists of raising the tank into place, installing the 4 rear and 2 front fasteners, connecting the fuel line and harness and removing the jack. It’s that simple. All said and done it took us about 20 minutes to install the tank.


We are using the stock LJ fuel pump and sender. In ‘05 and ‘06 the LJ fuel pressure was regulated at the pump to 58 PSI which is perfect for the LS3 that will soon be powering our Jeep. We will install a fuel pressure gauge under the hood later. We are using -6AN braided fuel line for the supply line with black aluminum AN fittings on both ends.


Brake and Fuel Lines

Brake lines are -3AN or 3/16”. We are using steel hard lines where possible and stainless steel braided lines in flexible areas. We are using -6AN braided fuel line for the supply line with black aluminum AN fittings on both ends.



GenRight has a Tracer specific steering kit by PSC that is all the parts needed to build a perfect hydraulic assist steering system. The kit comes with the hydraulic power steering pump and pulley, aluminum reservoir with filter, reservoir vent valve, steering box to fit the LJ frame, assist cylinder, oil cooler and all the hoses, fittings and fasteners needed. The box bolted right up to the frame using the stock bolt hole locations. GenRight also provides a reverse pitman arm that fits the sector shaft on the PSC box.

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