Summit Flex Joints, What makes them special?

Jocelyn Fechner, Staff Writer
Not all joints are created equal. It is very important to recognize this. With such a wide variety of joints available at many price ranges, Summit Machine joints rise above the rest. Here’s why. 

Precision and quality. Summit Machine is, first and foremost, a machine shop, and this matters – a lot. While anyone can make a part, it takes a machinist to know how to properly design and precisely machine material for strength and integrity. So, because we have experienced people with a solid understanding of machining principles, the housing, center pivot ball, retaining ring, and races of all our flex joints are exclusively made in house. This allows us to keep quality controls in check. For example, all components of our flex joints are machined within a .005” tolerance – just a titch over the thickness of human hair. Looser tolerances may be acceptable elsewhere, but Summit Machine highly values creating parts to this exacting level of precision. But why do you care? Because the performance of your vehicle increases with our attention to precision and quality.

Grease-grooved races. No other joint on the market has grease grooves machined into the races. These grooves allow grease to flow freely between the ball and the races providing even wearabilty and nearly eliminating bothersome squeaks and creaks.

Engineered plastic. Why does Summit Machine love engineered plastic? Let me tell you: Not only does it machine a bit better than other plastic (i.e. UHMW) but it provides a more even and consistent wear. Urethane has a tendency to wallow and deform when used under load, but our engineered plastic maintains rigidity so the joint keeps on performing as designed.

Adjustable and rebuildable. No more throw-away joints. No more replacing the entire rod end. Summit Machine joints are designed to adjust to get more life from the races, and, once worn, the joint can be rebuilt. Rebuilding simply consists of purchasing a new pair of races ($9.99-$12.99 per joint depending on size). Summit customers go anywhere from 15,000-100,000 miles between rebuilds, with many factors influencing the right time to rebuild. Even If you have to rebuild your Summit joints after 15,000 miles, you are still further ahead than the majority of joints on the market.

Design. The head of our Billet Flex Joint is noticeably “beefier” than similar products. This is no accident. The extra size equates to stability and strength reducing “ovaling” and distortion when the joint is under load.

Longevity savings. Up front, Summit Machine Billet Flex joints cost more than your average joint on the market. But these joints are anything but average. Over the life of the joint they are designed to save you money. If you decide to go with heims, once you have to replace the set, you will have spent about the same as if you had gone with Summit joints up front. Why not get it right the first time around? Think of it this way: You can buy 30,000 mile tires or 100,000 mile tires. Of course you pay more for the 100,000 mile tire, but the cost per mile is substantially less than if you had to buy the 30K mile three times. Same principle applies.

Service. We stand behind our products. Always have. Always will. We are here to answer your questions and give you guidance and suggestions on how to get the most out of your Summit Machine Flex Joints. Our goal is to make a customer for a lifetime. We provide loyalty to you, and look for loyalty in return. This way of doing business is not as common as it used to be, but it is something we believe in strongly. When buying Summit Machine products or services we realize you are choosing to spend your hard-earned money with us. It is valued and appreciated.
Last but not at all least, We all need to by American when we can! Summit Flex Joints are 100% made in the USA!
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