Discount offers from Summit Machine

At Summit Machine we pride our self in producing the highest quality parts while meeting precision needs for practical and extreme applications.  We understand that meeting part specifications is of the utmost importance, but we also realize that the appearance of the part matters.  So, we not only provide parts that meet the tolerances of extreme applications, we also go the extra lengths to make sure that the parts look just as good as they perform.
Check out these great offers from Summit Machine!
 ALUMINUM LINKS- Get $20 off each link when you order 4 or more of the same diameter and thread size. (can be different lengths and thread direction)
SUMMIT FLEX JOINTS- Get 10% off when you order 14 or more.
 LINK AND FLEX JOINT PACKAGES- Get an additional 5% off your order when you purchase Links and Joints together.
To take advantage of these offers please call Summit Machine at 801-576-8424 and ask for the Money Pit Discount.
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