Pre Runners For Sale

A race truck that retains some creature comforts (A/C, cruise control, power windows), this vehicle was designed to pre-run a race course so the team would know what to expect on race day. Lots of horsepower and tons of travel make these vehicles popular for good reason!
<img src= "chevy_pre_runner.jpg" alt= "a blue chevy pre-runner throws a rooster tail as it speeds around a bend in the course" /> 
Featured Listings
Radical Raptor Prerunner Gen1 6.2 liter
Fallbrook, CA
1979 Ford Bronco PreRunner
Vista, CA
1997 4x4 Long Travel Ford Expedition
El Segundo, CA
02' F-150 Extra Cab Prerunner
Lake Elsinore, CA
2013 Ford Raptor Pre-Runner
Orange, CA
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